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Podcast - Damaris Mabeya at Aminia Dada Innovations The Route to Networking

On our 10th episode of our Women in Tech spin-off series, Maddy Norris was joined by the fantastic Damaris Aminia, the Founder and Executive Director of Aminia Dada Innovations.

Aminia Dada Innovations (the english translation meaning 'to believe young women') is a Kenyan woman-led organisation that works towards the promotion, protection and realisation of inclusive digital rights for everyone.

Damaris is passionate about advocating rights for women in Kenya, to ensure equal opportunities. A lot of her work is focused around giving women a voice and the right resources to help enable them to succeed.

It was amazing to hear about the amazing work that Damaris has been doing to help provide young Kenyan women with opportunities within the technology space, and to understand the true importance of the work she and her organisation are doing. She talks to us about some of the challenges she is facing and what Aminia Dada Innovations is aiming to achieve in the future.

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Jan 25, 2023

That was an awesome conversation. Great to hear young sharp minds with great aspirations.

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